We have our own warehouses in China, most of the items will be shipped from China. We also have warehouses in California, New Jersey, England, Dubai and Belgium. Your items will be shipped from the nearest facility that stocks the item you ordered.
We usually require 1-2 business days to process an order. After receiving your payment, we will do some quality tests on our products, package them, and then ship them to your address.
It takes us 1-2 business days for us to process the order, delivery time is 4-9 business days for 8 countries including the United States, for an estimate of shipping times covering all areas, please reference to Delivery & Shipping Policy.
90% of the orders made from our website have a tracking number. If we promote several extreme low value items via original mail without tracking number(the shipping cost will be much cheaper), we will make a note in the product description page.

You can track your order by refering Track Your Order section.

Note: The tracking information usually can be updated within 48 hours(72 hours during the weekend) because processing time and domestic shipping time should be considered (the items have to be processed and being shipped to the international logistic center), if during this time there should be no tracking information, please try again later. If with the tracking number shows nothing, choose the carrier in China, then type CNE, and then try again.
For most items, we provide:

7 Day Dead on Arrival (DOA) Guarantee
30 Day Unconditional Refund Guarantee for Unopened & Unused Items
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
One Year Repair Warranty
Lifetime Technical Support

For more details please refer to our Warranty and Returns Policy. Please contact us before returning a defective item; otherwise, your return request may be delayed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products.
Only high value of the DOA products need to be returned. "High value" is determined by our customer service team and it usually refers to items worth $70 or more. If it is not high value then you do not need to return it and can keep the faulty product. If we ask you to return the product we will discuss with you the most cost effective way to return ship it to us and give you full instructions including our return shipping address. If we ask you to return a DOA item, we are responsible for paying the return shipping fees.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase and the product is still in brand new conditions, we can arrange a partial refund, which will cover the price of the item minus the shipping fees. You will be responsible for paying the return shipping fees.
Unless agreed otherwise, you should return the item as well as its original packaging and all its accessories, like batteries, cables, chargers, and similar ones. If one component, accessory or spare part is missing, we will ask you to pay for it.
For canceling an order which has not been processed, please sign in your account. If the expected shipping date of your order has already passed and it has not been shipped, you can cancel the order and request a refund, which will automatically return to your payment account within the number of days listed here. Orders whose parcels have already been processed can not be canceled.
If an order contains an out-of-stock product, it will not be processed until when we receive its new stock. If your order contains several products, it will be split and the items currently available will be shipped first. We will then send you the out-of-stock items after they have been restocked.
Below are some steps and suggestions on how you can solve this issue: Check if the shipping address of your order is correct; Ask your neighbors, relatives or friends if they have received the parcel on your behalf; All orders reported as "delivered" by shipping companies are considered delivered. HalloBest cannot be made liable of non-delivery in this case. NOTE: It generally takes around 48-72 hours for tracking info to display properly on the 17track websites.
You are responsible for all import taxes and duties that may be charged when your parcel passes through Customs. Many countries do not charge import duties on private items below a certain stated value. However, you may find that you have to pay taxes when goods you have ordered from us arrive in your country.

We advise you to find out about the local regulations prior to ordering from us. HalloBest can not give you advice or information about tax rates and customs charges in your country.

If you refuse delivery of a parcel due to import duties or taxes, you assume all liability for all costs involved in returning the item to us.

Every country has its own import regulations and restrictions. You can contact or refer to the official website of your local post office or customs agency to estimate the amount of import duties you may have to pay.
We can not guarantee or predict the value of the customs duties you may have to pay to receive your order. Please contact your local post office or Customs agency or visit their official help centers to inquire about the customs regulations and tariffs of your country. Orders shipped with an express mail service have a higher probability of being taxed. If you are a drop-shipper or wholesaler, please ensure that you are abiding by the tax regulations for selling our products in other countries.
If you refuse to accept the goods or refuse to pay customs duties, the goods will be returned to the sender (HalloBest). When the tracking information shows "returned to sender", you may request a refund of your order. HalloBest will deduct from the refund amount all charges related to the delivery of the order to the country of destination and its return.
Below please find enlisted some of the most common reasons:

1.The order was split: check if your order has been split on the My Orders page of your account;

2.You ordered from different warehouses: if you have placed an order from different warehouses, you will receive the products separately;

3.We made a mistake: on rare occasions, an item may not have been placed in the right package;

4.The parcel was damaged or some items were removed: your package may have been opened or damaged during its delivery. It is also possible that one or more items have fallen out. If the status of your order shows that it was not split, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you require any further information or assistance on how to use one of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
If one or more of your products have stopped working within their warranty period, we will be glad to assist you as shown.

Several types of products have a specific warranty period.

If the warranty period has already expired, we can still repair or send you some spare parts of these products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.